J Herbmed Pharmacol. 2021;10(4): 468-475.
doi: 10.34172/jhp.2021.54

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Neuroprotective effect of methanolic extract of Sargassum wightii on rotenone-induced parkinsonism-like symptoms in Wistar albino rats

Sradhasini Rout 1* ORCID logo, Bandana Rath 2 ORCID logo, Subrat Kumar Bhattamisra 3 ORCID logo, Anjan Kumar 4 ORCID logo, Ishani Rath 5 ORCID logo, Preetish Kumar Panigrahy 5 ORCID logo

1 Department of Pharmacology, Roland Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Berhampur, Odisha, India
2 Department of Pharmacology, Fakir Mohan Medical College, Balasore, Odisha, India
3 Department of Pharmacology Roland Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Berhampur, Odisha, India
4 Department of Pharmaceutical chemistry, Roland Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Berhampur, Odisha India
5 Department of Pharmacology IMS & SUM College and Hospital, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
6 Department of Pharmacology, AIIMS Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
*Corresponding Author: Email: routsradha@gmail.com


Introduction: The pathogenesis of Parkinson’s disease (PD) is multifactorial in which oxidative stress, neuroinflammation, and mitochondrial dysfunction are the leading factors. Currently, the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents of natural sources as neuroprotectants have raised much attention. The current study aimed to explore the neuroprotective effect of methanolic extract of Sargassum wightii in male Wistar albino rats against rotenone-induced PD. Methods: The rats were administered with rotenone (10 mg/kg orally) daily for 28 days to induce PD. S. wightii (200 mg/kg and 400 mg/kg) and levodopa+carbidopa combination (10 mg/kg) were administered to different groups of rats one hour prior to rotenone for 28 days. Behavioral parameters (akinesia, tremor, motor coordination, and locomotor activities) and body weight were recorded on days 14th and 28th of drug treatment. On the 28th day, the animals were sacrificed for the neurobiochemical analyses of brain tissue. Results: Rotenone treatment caused a significant reduction in behavioural parameters (P < 0.001), neurochemical deficits (P < 0.001), and elevation of oxidative stress markers (P < 0.001) in the brain. Pre-treatment with S. wightii at 200 mg/kg and 400 mg/kg doses significantly attenuated the rotenone-induced behavioral alterations and restored the mitochondrial NADH dehydrogenase activity and dopamine level in the striatum (P < 0.001). Moreover, 400 mg/kg of S. wightii restored the rotenone-induced increased oxidative stress markers like malondialdehyde (MDA), superoxide dismutase (SOD), and reduced glutathione (GSH) in the striatum (P < 0.01). Conclusion: S. wightii has provided a neuroprotective effect, probably by virtue of its antioxidant and dopamine restoring potential. Hence, it may offer a promising and new therapeutic lead for the treatment of PD but needs further research.

Implication for health policy/practice/research/medical education:

Sargassum wightii has a neuroprotective effect against rotenone-induced Parkinsonism like symptoms. The mechanism probably involves its promising antioxidant activity. Moreover, its dopamine and mitochondrial NADH dehydrogenase restoring effect played a pivotal role in attenuating the behavioral alterations. Hence, it might be beneficial in Parkinson’s disease.

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Submitted: 04 Jun 2021
Revision: 10 Jul 2021
Accepted: 31 Jul 2021
ePublished: 02 Oct 2021
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